Downsizing & Organizing! Now Working Remotely!

Clutter Tonic
The Easy Way to Prepare for Your Move 

Do You?

Have unpacked boxes from your last move?
Feel overwhelmed by your belongings?
Drown in papers you don't want to take with you?

Make Your Move Even Smoother with Clutter Tonic

We help you make happy decisions about what to let go of.

We’ll recycle and donate for you, at no additional cost.

We Do It the Green Way!

You can recycle stained clothes, linens, shoes, bags, anything with a plug, and much more. We guarantee only a small percentage of what leaves your home goes to landfill.

I downsized from my home to a retirement community and brought too much. I stuffed things into closets I hadn’t been able to face since. Rachel jumped in with glee, and going through them was a pleasurable experience! We went through linens, glassware, electronics . . .   I can now find the things I wanted to keep. The extra benefit was locating family photos and documents I’d long forgotten, along with my prized bead collection. Hire Clutter Tonic. You’ll feel better!

Sonia R. 


I hired Rachel, and it's been a life-changer. Because of coronavirus, we work remotely, and it has worked out well! Rachel is extremely intuitive about grasping what's important to me to keep and what it would give me relief to part with. She’s also full of organizing techniques and tricks to make life easier. Thank you, Rachel!

Amy B.